Working with Local Government Association

Over the last few months I’ve been working closely with Local Government Association. I have been working with them to give my views on adult social care but also about my life which is being featured in the Green Paper. We also made a short documentary film with me talking about my disability and how adult social care plays a big part in my life.

Last Friday I was in Manchester at the National children and adult Services Conference. I was taking part in

The session was called Building the future of adult social care and support for all adults. It was hosted by

  • David Brindle, Public Services Editor, The Guardian.
  • Anna Severwright
  • Co-chair, Coalition of Collaborative Care and person with lived experience

    Margaret Willcox OBE

    Immediate Past President, ADASS

    Emily Holzhausen OBE

    Director of Policy and Public Affairs, Carers UK

    Sharon Allen OBE

    Chief Executive, Skills for Care

    Cllr Ian Hudspeth

    Chairman, LGA Community Wellbeing Board

    Jonathan Marron

    Director General of Community and Social Care, Department of Health and Social Care.

    And of course myself, a person with lives experience. I was so nervous but everyone was so lovely & put me at ease.

    It was a great discussion on how adult social care need change. Sharing my lived experience with everyone was Eye opening for them. I received a lot of feedback on my session, and how I had made people realise that changes are needed.

    I was talking about the amount of care that I get per week is low considering I can’t lift a cup of tea anymore. I have a enough hours to employ one PA and I also have Keegan here 24 hours per day.

    Keegan doesn’t get much sleep as he has to help me move in the night as I get so uncomfortable, give me medication and to give me emotional support and I’m frustrated due to my pain.

    I explained that Keegan has to be here 24 hours a day to help the after me as I’m unable to do anything for myself anymore. It takes two carers to be able to move me, bathe me, get me in and out of bed. Luckily (kind of) I now have my suprapubic catheter fitted so there aren’t many trips to the bathroom needed. And I now have my new wheelchair which I’m extremely comfortable and so am I able move around the flat on my own.

    The social care system needs massive change in for that to happen the government need to dedicate some money to the social care as it doesn’t just affect disabled people, there The elderly and also mental health patients too!!

    I really hope by me helping LGA & my continued support we shall see positive change very soon.

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