Introducing King

On the 9th March 2018, I did something very naughty… I bought a puppy! I am one of those people who does not think things through and impulse buys.  It started as a joke with my friend Leona, who was taking me away over night for respite so Keegan could have a rest.  A wonderful charity on Facebook called People help the people, very Kindly did some fundraising for me, so I could treat myself.

Leona and I started looking at adverts on Gumtree (bad I know) and I came across this photo of a tiny little Chihuahua cross. We called up and the puppy I loved was still available. Keegan had already said to me, we can’t get a dog yet as we have two cats. Lets wait until we don’t have any pets. I said to Leona, well lets just go and have a look. I won’t buy the puppy I said.!!

That evening we went to visit the litter of puppies. I fell in love within seconds, this little tiny grey and white puppy was just beautiful. I cuddled him for a while, and Leona had the rest of the litter on her lap. I spoke to the owner and said that I would love to buy him, and I did. Before we knew it, we were in Pets at Home purchasing all the bits I needed for him.

We got to our hotel, and as he was so small, we wrapped him in his blanket and put him in the basket of my wheelchair.

I was sitting there cuddling him and suddenly reality hit me!! It wasn’t like I had purchased a new handbag which I could return. I had bought a puppy, a little life. I started panicking as to how Keegan was going to take it. So I tried returning him to the breeder, but they said no.

I have wanted a puppy for so many years. I think I felt like there was something missing in my life because of not having children. My two cats love me but they are independent animals.

This is my little puppy, a chihuahua cross with one-quarter Jack Russell.

I named him King, mainly because he was so tiny and would remain a small dog, I felt he needed a big name!

Keegan was very annoyed with me, rightly so too! I am severely disabled and I am unable to look after myself, therefore Keegan would need to look after the puppy too. It was a very unfair thing for me to do. And even now, I feel terrible.

King is now five months old. I am so love with him. He is a naughty little thing and does little wee’s where is isn’t supposed too but he is doing really well. He and our cat Jose are friendly, something I never thought would happen. However our other cat Ziggy is not keen at all. Ziggy isn’t keen on anyone to be honest, so its ok. Keegan is more used to the puppy now. He fits into our routine, and my mum loves taking King out for walks when we are unable too.

King & I have a close bond which I love, he waits for me when he knows its walkie time, if I leave the room, he runs along to come with me. He is amazing with people, everyone stops us on walks, King loves the attention. He is exceptionally good with children, he is so gentle and kind when them. It’s safe to say I love him very much. He needs to learn to be more aware of my wheelchair when we go on walks, so I can hold the lead myself, we are trying it on every walk, so eventually he’ll be able to walk along with me.

I am hoping to go on lots of adventures with Keegan & King, not entirely sure yet but I will keep you updated.

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